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Podcasts are Coming to YouTube Music

March 09, 2023 Joe Casabona Season 3 Episode 33
The Profitable Podcaster
Podcasts are Coming to YouTube Music
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Over the past several months, I’ve covered YouTube a few times, and made the arguments for and against video in podcasting. And if you’re in the “I don’t want to add video to my podcast” camp, there’s good news that came out of Hot Pod Summit ’23.

Head of YouTube Podcasting Kai Chuk was in attendance and announced that podcasts are coming to YouTube Music — but that’s not all he announced.

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Over the past several months, maybe year or so. I've covered YouTube a few times. And over on the podcast host, I have made arguments. Four. Being on YouTube. Uh, and if you're in the, I don't want to add video to my podcast camp. There's good news that came out of hot pod summit, 23 in Brooklyn, New York, the head of YouTube podcasting, Kai Chuck was in attendance and announced that podcasts are coming to YouTube music. But that's not all he announced. And so in today's quick news related episode, I am going to tell you everything that Kai Chuck announced. At hot pod summit, 23. And what that means for you at the end, I will give you a little information on a new program. I have out. Uh as well as the direction of this podcast moving forward Having a profitable podcast is like having any other profitable business. You need to make money. Sure. But you also need to grow. You need to spend your time wisely. And you need predictability. A couple of sponsors won't make you a profitable podcaster. But having systems to stay consistent. Create steady growth and generate predictable income will. That's what you'll get with this show. Hi, I'm your host, Joe Casabona and my podcasts have been profitable from day one. I'll share everything i know with you here on the profitable podcaster Okay. So first let's get to the big announcement. They have the full text. Over on pod news, which I will link to in the show notes. For this episode, the show notes will be slash three 10. That's 3 1 0. But the gist is that both audio and video podcasts are coming to YouTube music in the near future, allowing for more discoverability and accessibility. Now, however, this feature will be. Only available in the U S. At first. Uh, so that's, that's an important note. Another important note is that, uh, people will be able to listen. Even if their phones are locked or they aren't in the app. This is notable because both for YouTube and YouTube music, that is a premium feature, you need to be part of YouTube premium. In order to continue to listen to videos or music without having the app open. To make this work financially. Some are reporting that. Uh, this feature will actually be ad supported, which means that if you're listening from the lock screen of your phone, for example, Uh, you will hear, uh, probably dynamically inserted ads. Uh, now this is definitely exciting news. As Google podcasts, death feels imminent. But as pod news also points out. YouTube music is not YouTube. Uh, there are only about 80 million premium subscribers on YouTube music. That sounds like a lot. But that's versus the 2.5 billion active users on YouTube. Now for reference, right? Because that's a tough compare. It's a paid feature. Versus, uh, just active users, but, um, uh, Spotify has a 489 million active users. And 205 million premium subscribers. So you can see those numbers are a lot closer together. And, uh, the premium subscribers is double that. Have a YouTube music. Pod news also expresses frustration with the U S only rollout. Um, now I am a US-based and therefore biased. But I can see both sides. YouTube likely wants to test their largest, most stable market. Before rolling it out in other places. Uh, but this is a limiting growth factor, right. Especially if you're not a us centric podcast. Uh, you're going to have a hard time. Using or, or getting people to use the app. Still, this is a big step forward for YouTube and podcasting. YouTube and music might serve as a testing ground for a wider YouTube rollout later. Or if YouTube music becomes the de facto place to listen to music and podcasts for YouTube. They may see a rapid growth. A rapidly growing user base. Right. So that's important to note that. Uh, most people probably aren't using YouTube music right now. They're probably just listening in YouTube, but if YouTube music becomes. The place for audio only content. YouTube will likely push users in that direction. Uh, but that's not the only announcement that they made at the summit. There are also more podcasting tools coming to create our studio creator studio. If you don't know, is the place where. You go to upload videos and set up live streams and make posts. To your YouTube channel. So shortly before the summit and confirmed by YouTube, there's also a. New podcasting tool. Rolling out in YouTube creator studio podcasters will be able to add a new podcast to their channel, which makes it clearer to YouTube that the content should be included in the podcasts section of YouTube. And in YouTube music, if you've been to the podcast section of YouTube, you'll know that it's a little bit confused, right? Sometimes it has a, just like. The morning. Uh, show or whatever, not the morning show. That's the apple TV show. Good morning America, or like NBC news clips, which are decidedly, not podcasts. Um, there will also be, uh, a badge specifically for podcasters. And this is a great step forward. But it still requires podcasters to upload their apple episodes separately. In the studio. Uh, but that might not be the case for very long. Because the last note in the announcement is this quote. Later this year, we'll offer support for creators to upload their audio podcasts via RSS feeds directly to YouTube. Now there are some questions around this. Will it pull in the full back catalog or will it just kind of pull in. Episodes from that point forward. But in my humble opinion, this is the most important step YouTube can make. Towards being a true podcast platform and directory. RSS is at the core of how podcasting works. And while Spotify has decided to break that mold, it's good to see that YouTube at this point. Has plans to incorporate podcast RSS. This is absolutely the easiest past path. This is absolutely the easiest path for most podcasters to get on YouTube. And it makes YouTube job of identifying podcasts easier. Plus with explicit support for non video content hosted outside of YouTube. It shows that they want to play with podcasters and not own podcasters. All in all these announcements are the most exciting ones to come out of YouTube since the leak of that PDF around this time last year. It's great to see you tube push. Podcasting forward. And it will mean better discoverability for podcasters. And hopefully easier monetization. If you want to read that article and get some more links, I will link that in the show notes as well. That was a written to be read article. Uh, now, as far as your episode idea of the week, Uh, you could, like I did here do a news story, a related news story for your niche. If, especially if you're doing a mini podcast, Um, you want to make sure that you are showing people that you are an authority. In this space and in this niche, And part of that is showing them that you are staying up to date on the latest news so that they don't have to, because you're relaying that news to them. So you want to make your listeners. The source for news in your niche. So pick a news story. I read it, summarize it. And release it as an episode. The last thing I want to talk about, uh, is. Uh, my new. Program. Uh, my podcast, liftoff coaching program. Uh, it was the podcast. Liftoff playbook. You may have heard me talk about it here on the show. Um, but it's, it's moving. And actually today, as this episode comes out, March 9th, 2023. Uh, it has new pricing, so it's, um, currently. Uh, 10 97. It was 1090 $7. Uh, you get 90 minutes of coaching with me. And then you get access to, uh, workshops every month for a year. You also get access to the hundred or so videos in. Uh, the video library, these are prerecorded videos for everything from like picking the right gear to submitting your show to apple podcasts, to how to monetize and things like that. Um, I haven't done a very good job of talking about that. On this show. I really wanted to focus on building the audience, but I think this is a really valuable. Uh, product for me. And so I've been emailing my list over the last few days of you're on the mailing list. You've you've seen this pricing change. Um, but moving forward, I want to, I want to try to talk about it. A little bit more. Um, and give you previews of some of the content. In it. And so I just want to make that really clear. I think it's a really valuable program. I think, especially if you are a. Uh, coach and author or a course creator. Um, where. Building your authority. Is. Uh, something that you can use your podcast for. I think this will be super valuable for you. So if you're interested, You can head over to podcast Slash playbook. Uh, to learn more about that. Um, So there you go podcast, lift But thanks so much for listening to the profitable podcaster. If you have any questions or you want to submit feedback, you can do slash feedback. For all the show notes, you can go to profitable podcast 3, 1 0. And until next time. I can't wait to see. What you make