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How can I turn my newsletter into a podcast?

February 02, 2023 Joe Casabona Season 3 Episode 28
The Profitable Podcaster
How can I turn my newsletter into a podcast?
Show Notes

Want to know a secret that saves me a TON of time (and can save YOU time too)?

This podcast isn’t the only place you’ll see this content. You’ll see it on Instagram, on LinkedIn, and in my newsletter. The process is easier than you’d think. Here’s how mine works. 

Show Notes

First, I put the text of these posts into a Google Doc. This ensures that both my VA and I can access it. 

I also have an automaiton that moved that Google Doc into Airtable. Listen to the podcast to learn more about that! 

From our project tracker (we use Airtable), she knows to take those docs and use a Canva template to turn the text into a set of images for LinkedIn and Instagram.

Now I have the basic text. I use that as the basis for my next Profitable Podcaster episode. 

The Google Doc is basically my outline! I may add more notes and context once I’m on the mic.

Then I copy the text from Google Doc and add it to ConvertKit for my next newsletter

The only change I’ll make here is including a callout to listen to the episode. 

So there you have it! One Google Doc that serves as 4, platform optimized, pieces of content. 

Take the topic and main points, and rework them for the platform. 

And make sure you point each piece of content to the other! 

Give people options and build your cross-platform followings.

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