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5 Places Where You Can Find Podcasts to Swap with TODAY

January 12, 2023 Joe Casabona Season 3 Episode 25
The Profitable Podcaster
5 Places Where You Can Find Podcasts to Swap with TODAY
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One of the most common questions I get when I tell people that they should do more podcast swaps is, "Where should I go to find podcasts to swap with?" You can just look on Apple Podcasts or reach out to the podcast that you listened to. But that might not be the best strategy. You want to find similar audiences -- look alike audiences where the listeners will be more likely to tune into your show.

Here are 5 great places to look:

Tink Media’s Podcast Swap database. There are people who’ve opted-in to doing podcast swaps and have made their email address easily accessible. I found 20 podcasts to work with using this database. 

Apple Podcasts. Go to your podcast page page and look for You Might Also Like. These are podcasts that have similar audiences. If that doesn’t work, you could also look at the podcasts in your category. 

Arielle Nissenblatt’s Podcast Community Discord. This is a community of podcasters that are looking for collabs and networking. There’s even a #swaps-collabs area.

Podchaser. If you go to your podcast page there, they have a “Similar” tab. This is much more robust than Apple Podcasts…though you’ll have to watch the quality/activity of the shows. Still a great starting point for outreach. 

 ListenNotes’s Community/Curation pages. Go to your page on ListenNotes and click on the Community tab. You’ll see lists your show is a part of.  If there are no lists, check out the curated tab and search for lists relevant to your show! 

So there you have it! 5 ways to find podcasts to swap with. Which are you going to try first?

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One of the most common questions I get when I tell people that they should do more podcast swaps is. Where should I go to find podcasts to swap with N E S you can just look on apple podcasts or reach out to the podcast that you listened to. But that might not be the best strategy because you want to find similar audiences, look alike, audiences, places where, you know, the listener will want to listen to your podcast. A while back, I told a story about how friends. I did a two episode crossover extravaganza. With mad about you, an ER. Matt about you led into friends on the same night. And friends led into ER, also on the same night. Which means that NBC was pretty confident with those lookalike audiences. So they knew that the crossover episode would get more people from mad about you watching friends. And they knew that they can maybe pull in some of the ER audience because they were going to be sitting in front of the TV. Anyway. Maybe they wanted something more lighthearted before they got into a medical drama. So today I'm going to tell you five places. You can look to find good podcasts to swap with. Having a profitable podcast is like having any other profitable business. You need to make money. Sure. But you also need to grow. You need to spend your time wisely. And you need predictability. A couple of sponsors won't make you a profitable podcaster. But having systems to stay consistent. Create steady growth and generate predictable income will. That's what you'll get with this show. Hi, I'm your host, Joe Casabona and my podcasts have been profitable from day one. I'll share everything i know with you here on the profitable podcaster Okay. Number one. And my favorite source because. It's they make it so easy. Is the tink media podcast swap. Database or podcast promo swap list. This is an air table base that you can access that has all sorts of information. And so, uh, it has the name of the show and description. It has a link to the podcast as well as average downloads per episode, which is good. And you probably want to find something equitable, uh, as far as downloads go, or at least you want to find people that you can help as much as they can help you. It also has the opportunity interest. So are they open to promo or ad swaps? Are they open to social media swaps, crossover episodes, things like that. And then there's the contact name and email. So again, these are people who have opted in to want to share and do podcast swaps with. So it's. Not a cold email or cold outreach. It's a more like a lukewarm outreach. Aye. Found 20 podcasts to work with back in September. Uh, that helped me grow my audience, double my audience. I found 20 podcasts to work with through this database. And I'm going to look through it again and do more outreach because now I want to do it for this podcast. Last time I did it for how I built it. Uh, so that's number one, tink media is podcast swapped database. All of these links will be in the show notes, which you can find slash 3 0 2 for season three, episode two. Number two is apple podcasts, and here's what I recommend you do here. Go to your podcast page. And look under the, you might also like section. These are people, apple knows are listening to your podcast as well as other podcasts. Now this might not always work if I go to the profitable podcaster and look at you might also like there's pat Flynn and ask pin, uh, ask pat. Uh, 2.0, which I've I've been on. So I mean, that one worked, I guess, but there's also, um, Uh, Alex The show and, and these are huge shows. They probably aren't open to podcast swaps, but it doesn't help to look there to at least get ideas. If that doesn't work, then you can do two things. Look at a new podcasts. In your category. Or look at podcasts in the, you might also like category, right? So maybe your category is education, but people are listening to a lot of business podcasts, reach out to those folks or podcasts in that category. To see if that works. You can also do that category search on other directories. We'll talk about that in a minute, but you could also do that on say Spotify, Spotify doesn't have the, you might also like section, but they do have. Um, Different lists like their categories and the way that's generated is a little different. So it might be worth looking there as well. Number three Arielle illness and black. She's an amazing person to follow on social media. If you are a podcaster, I strongly recommend. Uh, following her, but she set up a podcast community. Discord. And so again much like the tink media database. Uh, this is a community of podcasters who have opted in to networking and being together. And so there's a lots of, there's lots of stuff in this discord, to be honest, discord kind of scares. And confuses me and I'm not as active as I should be, but that's going to change in 2023. So, uh, there is a first of all, there is a self promo area, so you can post, I wouldn't post, like every episode you do, but I would post relevant episodes or episodes that you're proud of. So that's, that's kind of a bonus way to grow. Your show is to tell other people, other podcasters about it. But there's also a swaps and collabs. Area. So what you can do is look through the recent posts. Or post that your looking to do a collab and then people will reach out. So again, I would include, uh, the name of your show. Maybe not, maybe don't do how many downloads you get at first, or maybe you can. It all depends. Um, if, if the podcast. Is really concerned, they'll ask, but, uh, you can also do. Category listenership and people you target and then who you're looking to swap with and what kind of swaps you're doing. So. Uh, that could be a podcast swap. It could be a feed drop, right. Which is where you each drop an episode, or it could be a crossover episode. So, uh, that is, uh, the discord, the podcast community discord. That is an open community. So you should be able to join agree to the rules that you won't be a jerk, uh, and then start participating in networking with other podcasters. Number four is pod chaser, pod Uh, if you go to your podcast there, first of all, your podcast should be there. So if it's not submit your podcast to pod chaser, Um, and, and if you go there, there will be a similar tab. So if I'm looking at the profitable podcaster page, there is a similar tab. This is similar to the, you might also like section in apple podcasts. But it's a lot more robust. There are a lot more podcasts. Some are small, some are big. Um, and, and again, this is, this is what they've determined are lookalike audiences or people who are also listening. So this is, um, It's uh, this section could be, if it's not as defined, this section might be a little, um, You might have to Wade through a lot of stuff. To figure out if that works, especially if your show is new. Uh, so with the profitable podcast, or there is a lot of stuff here that I don't think would be relevant, but it's, it's at least good for idea generation. If I look at how I built it. There are a lot more relevant shows. So there's a lot of podcast shows or a lot of WordPress podcasts. Uh, which makes sense, because for a long time it was, it was. WordPress focused. Uh, but then there's also like founder quests there's um, Some tech stuff. And so that's a little bit more like once they have more data on your show, they'll, they'll learn a little bit more about it, but this is a good place to, to at least get started and start generating. Uh, ideas. Right? And so again, you can kind of look at those and then find a, what I would say are lookalike shows based on that. And then finally, number five, listen notes. Now, listen, notes catches some flack for the way that they. Uh, calculate like the popularity, I guess. I'm not sure. Um, but. If you go to your show There's a community tab and on the community tab. It has a couple of things. It has endless and later. So these are people who have added your podcast. To, um, there, listen later queue. And what you could do is click through to that queue and that list, and then see what other podcasts. Are listed there. So for example, for one, for how I built it, um, there's how I grew this. There's the revenue engine. There's Amy Porterfield's podcast. Um, and there's a bunch of others. And then you have, you have at least relative size data to yours, right? So you have like the listen notes score. Uh, and then you have the top percentage. So, um, according to listen notes, my podcast is in the top 1.5%. And so I could look at other podcasts around there. Now, if you're not listed in there, there's also curated lists. So your podcast could be listed there. And then again, look at those shows and see if you can reach out. But. Listen notes also has their own Explorer and curated lists. So you could always look at their curated lists and see like most inspiring podcasts, best investing podcasts. Um, And, and look at those shows to see if maybe there are lookalike audiences there and there's, again, some. If it's not true data. For like the stats and the, and the size and the number of downloads, it's at least a relative data. So you could see how does this show. According to listen notes, compare. To yours. So there you have it, uh, there are five ways. To find podcasts with podcast swaps. We have tink medias podcasts, swap lists. Apple podcasts are yellowness and Blatz podcast, community discord. Pod chaser and listen notes. So let me know, right? In or J Casabona on most social networks. Which one are you. Going to try first. I'm really curious. Uh, let me know for all of the show notes, for links to everything we talked about, you can head over to profitable Oh, too. Don't forget to join the mailing list because I send out great tips multiple times a week. You'll also get notified when I'm doing live events like webinars. And uh, until next time. I can't wait to see. What you make.